The gallery is proud to be an exhibition space for artists from the region and beyond. In addition to the list above, artists who have participated in our programming include:

Donna Bisschop
Jerry Brennan
Neil Broadfoot
Chuck Burns
Sandy Cline
RoseMarie Condon
Kelly Dodge
Lesley Drummond
Michael Dumas
Lori Dunn
Rowena Dykins
Eugenie Fernandes
Henry Fernandes
David Foyn
Michelle Hutchinson
Clive Kay
Mark Kellett
Anne-Marie C. Kornachuck
Markus Leydolt
Brenda Little
Lucy Manley
Mary McLoughlin
Anna McShane
Esperança Melo
Calvin Nicholls
Rene O’Connor
Hanny Rentel
Lois Robinson
Petter Rotter
Jaan Teng
Joan Tovey
Janet Tysiak
Alena Vyborna
Jean Watson
Shawn Whalen
Renée Woltz

and Mrs. Liscombe’s 2018-2019 Grade 7 Class at Lady MacKenzie Public School, Kirkfield, Ontario.